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  • Svenska resurser för att ha koll på AI

    Det går fort i AI världen, där varje vecka eller till och med varje dag finns det något nytt. Att hålla sig uppdaterad kan hjälpa ditt företag eller projekt att gå i steg med utvecklingen och dess framtid, vilket är en fördel. Vi komponerade några av de resurser som kan hjälpa dig att hålla dig uppdaterad inom AI.

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  • Next-gen AI: techniques

    What is the edge and the future of AI? For businesses to adopt cutting-edge tech can be an advantage. Here, we’re gonna go over some of the AI developments that try to overcome the current challenges and that are somewhat different from the traditional AI techniques and are more similar to human brains.

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  • How to keep your team’s skills up to date

    The world is moving fast today. Being on top of things can be critical. What your team has learned during their traditional education might not be as relevant anymore. Upgrading the skills of the team can upgrade your business. In order to continue growing as a business your team’s skills needs to continue growing too. There is always that edge and better ways of doing things and that comes from continuous learning. Luckily, with technological advances and the internet, that continuous learning is easier than ever before. Top-class education is just a tap away.

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  • Next-gen AI: AGI research areas

    The holy grail of AI is Artificial General Intelligence or AGI for short. An AI capable of learning and adapting to any given task. Without big amounts of labeled data, an inability to generalize learned skill as it is today and with common sense that people possess. In this series called “Next-gen AI” we will try to answer the following questions: What would the building blocks of AGI be? How would it work? How does our brain work? What are the research areas? In this one, we will cover the research areas.

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  • Learning Machine Learning: Where do I begin?

    The demand for talented developers and data scientists within artificial intelligence is growing. How does one get started a constantly evolving field?

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  • They are leading the way for Swedish AI

    SoftRobot was featured in the Swedish news publication Ny Teknik (English: New Technology) about Swedish AI and Sweden’s efforts of promoting and developing artificial intelligence.

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  • Christoffer Meier

    Welcome Christoffer Meier – our new Product Manager!

    We want to give a warm welcome to Christoffer, the latest member of the SoftRobot family! Christoffer will join us as our Product Manager, maintaining and developing the product vision of Aiida and future projects.

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  • SoftRobot finalists for Nordic Startup Awards 2017.

    We have been nominated for the Nordic Startup Awards as 1 out of 5 Swedish finalists in two categories: “Best Newcomer” and “Best Bootstrapped”.

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  • Aiida celebrates her first birthday.

    Today we celebrate our first year anniversary since Aiida was officially launched as a platform for accounting and auditing services. To celebrate this we have added some brand new features! Check it out!

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  • The IT cluster of Uppsala evokes international interest.

    A report from Nordic Web shows that the IT cluster in Uppsala is dynamic and in the middle of a strong growth period. Uppsala startups raised over 350 million Swedish Kronor during 2016.

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  • Uppsala to be well-known for artificial intelligence.

    The Uppsala based startup SoftRobot have developed an application called Aiida – a self learning web service that aims to contribute to making Uppsala well-known for artificial intelligence.

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  • Jan Lundqvist, CEO

    Moving into our new office at BASE10.

    BASE10 is a coworking space in central Uppsala for tech entrepreneurs and startups. We are growing fast and are getting our own office at BASE10.

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