Aiida celebrates her first birthday.

May 31, 2017
 by Oskar Johnson Hägglund

Aiida is a digital assistant built with artificial intelligence technology to aid professional users that work within accounting, auditing and other fields that need help with document management and analysis. 

Today Aiida celebrates her first birthday with an anniversary update. The platform was released in May of 2016 for selected users.

The Aiida platform was founded on the idea of applying artificial intelligence to accounting professionals but has been expanded to other fields of use, such as auditing processes, financial property management and energy consulting. With the help of 30 companies and 100 users, new features and possibilities have been explored and developed.

”It has been a great year! By keeping ourselves open to all opportunities with the technologies and taking help from our users, we have been able to move forward quickly.”

– Jan Lundqvist, SoftRobot CEO

The new update introduces new features to simplify the collaboration between professional users and their end-clients. Features include sign-ups through BankID, an improved AI Engine and a new interface that will speed up the process even more.

SoftRobot has small and large client companies from traditional industries that need to stay competitive in the new digital age.

”We see enormous potential of change in the areas we’re exploring. The fact that we have found a model that can be applied to several different industries leads to innovative solutions across industry boundaries”.

– Jan Lundqvist