How to keep your team’s skills up to date

June 25, 2018 by Axo Sal


The world is moving fast today. Being on top of things can be critical. What your team has learned during their traditional education might not be as relevant anymore. Upgrading the skills of the team can upgrade your business. In order to continue growing as a business your team’s skills needs to continue growing too. There is always that edge and better ways of doing things and that comes from continuous learning. Luckily, with technological advances and the internet, that continuous learning is easier than ever before. Top-class education is just a tap away.

Give your team modern University degrees in a wide variety of fields in no time

Platforms like Udacity, Coursera and EdX have the University-level education but instead of learning something for five years you get up to speed with what you need in months or even weeks.

These learning platforms are founded by some of the brightest minds of our time.

Sebastian Thrun who was a pioneer of self-driving cars is the founder of Udacity. After winning DARPA autonomous car challenge he joined Google where he started their journey in this field. As we know today Google’s Waymo is the leader of self-driving cars. Later he founded Udacity to share his knowledge with the world and drive the world’s education forward.

Andrew Ng is the co-founder of Coursera. Andrew is the former chief scientist at Baidu, a dominant Chinese search engine, where he led the company’s Artificial Intelligence Group. Before that Dr. Ng was the founding lead of the Google Brain deep learning project. He and his team at Stanford were the ones to discover the power of GPUs for Deep Learning.

And EdX is founded by the scientists at MIT and Harvard. Today they have a partnership with Microsoft.

As you can see your team will be in good hands 🙂

Udacity — Holds a wide range of so-called nanodegrees and courses crafted by Thrun, his crew and industry leaders such as Google, Amazon and Facebook in fields of modern technology such as AI, VR/AR but also Non-tech such as Digital Marketing, Business Analytics and other business related paths.


Coursera — Courses are designed by top Universities, professors or industry leaders. Curated Course Collections and Analytics for your team’s education. Courses include topics like tech (Machine Learning, Cloud Computing) and non-tech or business related (Leadership, Digital transformation, Soft-skills).


EdX — Has thousands of courses and MicroMasters Programs for in-demand subjects such as IT, Business & Management, Professional Skills, Data Analysis. Features include personalized learning based on people’s data and social/collaborative learning to drive your team’s discussion around their learnings.


Learning platforms with a wide variety of courses

Pluralsight — Has mentoring option, smart and personalized features to assist individual’s learning path and progress. Dashboard and data metrics to give you a better understanding of your team and their progress. For tech-, creative-, business- and engineering-professionals.


LinkedIn Learning — LinkedIn’s Purchase of gave it one of the biggest course catalogues and new ones are being developed as LinkedIn continues its efforts to serve the professional community.


Oreilly — Books, videos, interactive tutorials and curated learning paths from top publishers to make your team stay current with O’reilly’s technology and business learning platform. Features include personalized learning experience and live online training where you can interact with the instructor and ask questions.


It’s all about that Data

Being data-driven is important for enterprises nowadays. The following resources can teach your team the skills within Data Analytics, Data Science/Engineering, Machine Learning and so on.

DataCamp — Expert led courses within Data Science. Features include: Interactive coding tutorials, “Learning by doing” approach, Detailed reporting, Assessments & Learning Paths.


StackFuel — Data Training for Professionals. Data science and analytics. Can help your team build data awareness/literacy and be more data-driven. Features include: browser-based interactive environment where participants learn modular concepts and instantly apply their learning in a code playground.