User experience.

Users obtain reliable data and predictions instantly, ensuring fast, correct and robust workflows. Output is presented either in the SoftRobot platform's user interface or via the SoftRobot API.

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Innovation first.

We explore and develop new methods for reliable data predictions and insights, utilising both the latest research as well as custom-made and traditional heuristics.


Onboarding and support services.

SoftRobot is a hub for artificial intelligence services. Are you interested in knowing more about us and our services? Contact Jan Lundqvist for more information about partnerships and investment opportunities.



We offer consultancy services such as feasibility studies, minimum viable products, and full-scale production development, deployment and maintenance.

Interpreting data is key to decision making, whether performed by human or machine.

It’s our mission to provide the world with structured, reliable and smart data, instantly.

Jan Lundqvist, Founder of SoftRobot

It all started with an idea.

It all started with an idea. SoftRobot founder Jan Lundqvist has 15+ years of experience as a leader of a company helping others to digitize and streamline their administrative workflows.

In 2014, with his technological background and expertise, Jan came up with the idea of mapping these processes and convert them to AI models together with industry-specific expertise from the auditing, accounting, medical, and legal domains.

Since then, SoftRobot has transformed this idea into the scalable machine learning platform AIIDA and the insights platform SIEGFRIED and extended these platforms to various industries that are in need of more effective technology.

SoftRobot founder

AIIDA is a digital assistant that will revolutionize the way you process your files, including invoices, receipts and other types of important documents. With the help of artificial intelligence, AIIDA automates your workflows – providing you and your business time for more value bringing tasks.