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Data is at the core of every modern business, we make that data work for you.

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We explain, build and implement AI Solutions. Offering several AI based solutions that fuel your organization with new business insights, automating analysis and generative tasks as well a full range of consultancy services from advanced AI solution development and AI prestudies to web and mobile app development.

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Highly specialised team focusing on applied ML & Data Science with extensive software development and information security expertise.

We want to provide people and organizations with innovative AI solutions so they can achieve new milestones and provide more value to their customers in turn.


"Choosing SoftRobot as our AI partner was a pivotal decision that lead to a major leap forward in dermatological diagnostics; their commitment to technological excellence and regulatory adherence is evident in every phase of our projects together, resulting in highly successful outcomes."

Christoffer Ekström

"Partnering with SoftRobot Sweden has significantly boosted our operational efficiency as we’ve been implementing AI powered use cases across our Tenant Experience Platform. The SoftRobot team worked as an integrated part of our in-house AI team where their knowledge and innovative approach helped us move faster and to continuously improve our platform."

Petter Arvidsson
COO / CPO of

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