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Meet Titus, a conversational digital assistant to ask anything about your business

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Foundation model agnostic

Make use of and stay up to date with the best available Foundation model out there for specific domains.

Secure and GDPR compliant operations

Titus operates in a robust and GDPR compliant environment adaptable to your organisations regulations and needs.

Continuous knowledge expansion

Integrate and continuously add new and different types of data to your organisations knowledge base in Titus

Knowledge Graphs, Dispatches and Decision trees

Configurable functionality that brings the quality and usability of generative AI to a new level

Language agnostic

By automatic translation between users preferred language - communicate with Titus in your preferred language

Serves multiple roles

Titus works in many domains and serves many roles within organisations. Examples include customer service bot, internal work support i.e. routines and policies, project sourcing agent, legal consultant and case worker. The number of roles and domains grows continuously.

How it works

Customizable and fully GDPR compliant

Titus makes use of your propriety data and runs on state of the art LLM, allowing it to act like your new colleague contributing with valuable services within different areas

Give Titus access to your data

Make the data needed to conduct the task and contribute value available for Titus. The data provided and the tools/systems you give it access to decides what Titus will be able to assist you with.

Make real use of your data

Ask away and get insights or newly created data output generated by your new digital colleague. 

Continuously add more knowledge

Add newly created data and knowledge gained automatically to Titus via the API so it will always be up to date.


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