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Structuring and automating the business administrative processes. High accuracy in structuring unstructured textual data - extraction, multi-label classification and question-answering tasks.

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How many documents* do you handle per week?
* =all kinds of accounting material that needs to put into the books, customer/supplier invoices, cash reports, receipts, salary reports, bank statements...
How many vouchers*  do you handle per week?
* = agreements, contracts, forms...

6 reasons you’ll love Aiida

Automated accounting

Automate the incoming voucher workflow by using Aiida's accounting predicitons in multiple dimensions on any kind of voucher

Fast Overview

One glance is all it should take. All incoming and outgoing tasks are ordered in a workflow to suit your organizational needs.

Custom Workflows

Build your workflow however you want and set up all users in a model that fits your needs.

High Level Security

The data gathered to improve Aiida is stored securely and unreadable for the human eye.

Approval flows

Set up advance approval flows with your workflows, in multiple levels and with comments. Usable via the Aiida mobile app as well as web app.

Drag to Select

Get data from your documents in real time by dragging and selecting text from the interface.


Aiida can be integrated with different systems in order to create the optimal workflow for you.

No matter where you are you can collaborate with colleagues and clients in real time. When something happens in the system, Aiida keeps you and the involved parties updated on the process as well as keeps the verifications organized.


"By integrating Aiida into our system D-Safe, we've not only enhanced our ability to extract and leverage business data from unstructured documents but also significantly accelerated our workflow processes for our customers, making our operations leaner and more efficient. "

Henrik Gidlöf
CEO of

"The collaboration with SoftRobot and their Aiida product has empowered Byggdagboken to seamlessly structure unstructured data, boosting our workflow automation and significantly elevating the overall quality of our client deliverables."

Mattias Blom

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